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What we aspire for you!

We partner with busy professionals and families striving to gain a better work/life balance. By taking away the stress and the burdens of the unknown, from a room makeover to custom renovation for home or small to medium sized enterprise, we can capture your vision and develop a plan that will be executed with the utmost detail.

Our signature turn-key services will make your dream a reality. And we take great pride in creating spaces that will bring style, comfort, joy, and productivity to thrive and expand upon your family or business legacy for years to come.

Dare to Dream your divine design

Residential Design

What we deliver for you!

Elements such as space planning & layout for appropriate proportion and scale is critical to set your project in the right direction and to avoid costly mistakes. From refreshing a space to whole room makeovers, we cover all the basics and point out things that are often missed to set you on the right track. We start by collaborating and curating your vision with a style guide. Then we assess a budget and timeline based on parameters that are identified.

Light Commercial Design

As our business has grown, we’ve been approached and referred by our valued clients to help address the needs for their businesses as they have evolved. Upon successfully completing a series of refreshes and refurbishing (and seeing how enthusiastically they responded) we recognized the need to bridge this gap and be of service!

As a designer, my personal aesthetic preferences are drawn from a blend of architectural and diverse cultural influences. Having lived and worked in the Big Apple in New York City, I enjoyed a rewarding career in theatre and thrived off the city energy. But equally, I longed for retreats on the Gold Coast and felt a connection to the ocean and natural surroundings. When on tour, having traveled throughout the US and abroad, I would often venture out to explore local art galleries, find architectural tours and discover unique creations made by local artisans. I love spaces that evoke the senses. Whether it’s from the texture of a luxury fabric, a modern art piece that features a pop of colour, or an illuminated path that leads to your favorite retreat in your home… All these elements come together, like a symphony to create a special space that is timeless and functional.

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Dana Adlam


Dana and her team were extremely professional during the entire process. From the consulting and design phase to construction and then to the final details, everything was on time and done with care. We would highly recommend Dana. She is brilliant, thoughtful and a pleasure to work with.

Patti K.

I loved working with Dana. She is professional and her designs are lovely. She listens to your needs and gets to know your style. I am so in love with my house now. I will always call on her for my decorating needs. Working with Dana is more than just working with a designer, it’s like working with your best friend.
Carol B.

We have had a complete basement transformation. While Covid was rampant and supply chain deliveries interrupted, Dana undeterred, correlated our color scheme and ideas into a vision of modern industrial. She managed all aspects of the project: color, design, furniture and product selection, electrical wiring, paint, and flooring. We wanted someone to handle all areas as my husband is continuing to survive Covid. I am not talented with design or vision and we are ecstatic with the clean, luxurious, and handsome results. Many thanks to you Dana, for all your passion, ideas, time and energy in making our basement a beautiful Retreat!
Christina T.

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Cozy up for the Holidays


When we think of cozy spaces, images of warmth and comfort flood our minds. Our eyes may take on a dreamy look and we may wish for that perfect cozy space. Well, dream no more! Dana Adlam, Interior Designer and owner of Divine Design, says a cozy feeling can be easily achieved in your home.

“A cozy space should feel inviting. It should also invoke a sense of joy and peace, especially during the holidays,” explains Dana. You can accomplish this through “layering” with colors, textures and lighting…

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